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Accel Learning offers HSPT Test Prep Classes for students in Grade 8.

Classes are offered Monday to Friday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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The High School Placement Test (HSPT), is a high school entrance exam taken by students in grade 8 seeking admission to parochial high schools. The HSPT is a four-section, multiple-choice standardized exam.

What is covered in the HSPT?2017-10-05T16:37:47-04:00

The HSPT is divided into 5 test sections as below:

How long is the HSPT?2017-10-05T16:37:45-04:00

The actual testing time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

When is the HSPT administered?2017-10-05T16:37:43-04:00

The HSPT is administered on the first Friday or Saturday of November.

How is the HSPT scored?2017-10-07T10:56:10-04:00

Your score report of HSPT will display the following:

  1. Scores on each test section in the form of national percentiles: These percentiles indicate your performance in respect of the other test-takers who have taken the HSPT. For instance, if your Reading Skills score is 50, then it means that you have performed better than 50 percent of the students who have taken the HSPT in a national sample. National percentiles falling in the range of 40 to 70 are considered as average.
  2. Total Cognitive Skills (TCS): These scores are displayed as national percentiles and they are the total of your scores in the Verbal Skills and Quantitative Skills test sections.
  3. Total Basic Skills (TBS): These scores are the total of your scores in the Reading, Mathematics and Language test sections and are displayed as national percentiles.
  4. Battery Composite (CMP): These percentiles are based on the total of your scores in the Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Language and Mathematics test sections.
  5. Optional Test (OP): These percentiles are included in your score report if you have taken the optional test in Science, Mechanical Aptitude, or Religion. Certain high schools will require you to take the optional test while others may not have this requirement.
  6. Cognitive Skills Quotient (CSQ): This is similar to an IQ score and it is a measure of your learning potential. It gives an estimate of how you are likely to perform in your high school studies depending upon your learning potential. Your CSQ will also be dependent upon your age at the time at which you took the HSPT. The CSQ operational range is 55-145. The average CSQ is approximately 100.
  7. Grade Equivalents (GE): Your GE scores are dependent on grade and month. For example a GE of 8.5 refers to an eighth grader at the 5th month.  You will get GE scores for the Reading, Mathematics and Language Skills.

Your score report will also contain an explanation of the skills being evaluated by HSPT. The score report will also contain a description of what your scores for each of the test sections mean. You will also be able to understand the significance of the CSQ and GE, as it is explained in the score report.

Where can I take a sample HSPT test?2017-10-05T16:37:41-04:00

You can take the HSPT sample test at any of our centers for FREE to assess your skills.

Where can I get more information about HSPT?2017-10-05T16:36:29-04:00

For more information about the HSPT, please visit: www.ststesting.com


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