The OLSAT is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions, measuring a student’s ability to cope with school learning tasks. In all, there are 21 different question types on the OLSAT. On the test, students will need to:

  • Follow directions
  • Detect likenesses and differences
  • Recall words and numbers
  • Classify items
  • Establish sequences
  • Solve arithmetic problems
  • Complete analogies

The OLSAT is used specifically to measure abilities related to success in school, testing critical thinking and reasoning skills. The OLSAT is intended to test memory, speed of thought and ability to see relationships and patterns.

Below are the types of questions asked in the OLSAT:

Verbal ComprehensionPictorial Reasoning
Following DirectionsPicture Classification
AntonymsPicture Analogies
Sentence CompletionPicture Series
Sentence ArrangementFigural Reasoning
Verbal ReasoningFigural Classification
Aural ReasoningFigural Analogies
Arithmetic ReasoningPattern Matrix
Logical SelectionFigural Series
Word/Letter MatrixQuantitative Reasoning
Verbal AnalogiesNumber Series
Verbal ClassificationNumeric Inference
InferenceNumber Matrix